Julian Capital

We're a seed-stage fund. We write $500K checks and make decisions quickly.

We believe we're among the best growth and design experts. When we invest, we help overhaul your customer acquisition and brand.

Some of Julian's past investments include Ramp, Republic, Mercury, Yassir, ClassDojo, Kindred, Qyber, and Aalo.

Below, you can read our memos to better grow your startup. You can also learn more about Julian here.

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If you’re a Julian Capital portfolio company and you haven’t yet claimed AWS Activate credits, getting funded by me makes you eligible for $25K in AWS credits that last 2 years—or $100K in credits that last 1 year. Further, if you want someone to talk to on the technical and infrastructure side, I can introduce you to a senior point person at AWS. To claim your credits, go here. First, email me for Julian Capital’s OrgID, which you’ll need.