About Julian Shapiro

Previously, I was the VP of Marketing for Webflow ($2.1B+ valuation). I later ran acquisition for Heap Analytics behind the scenes for a year ($960M+ valuation), and I grew Clearbit’s Connect product ($800M+ valuation).

I then founded Demand Curve (YC S19) to productize my growth knowledge. I personally helped run acquisition for Imperfect Foods, Tovala, Outschool, and many others. Demand Curve’s agency, Bell Curve, has grown Microsoft, Ancestry, Tumblr, TechCrunch, and more.

In parallel, I wrote what appears to have become the web’s most popular handbook on growth marketing. It’s the marketing material Y Combinator partners tell new batches to read.

I've written many of the viral threads (e.g. one, two) on Twitter about marketing and startups—where I’ve built an audience of 250,000 folks. I also wrote TechCrunch’s growth marketing column.

I’m also an engineer, having built one of the most popular open source libraries: Velocity.js (Wikipedia, Github). It’s been used by WhatsApp, Samsung, Microsoft, and many others. For this work, I was one of a handful of developers awarded the Stripe Open Source grant and I was profiled in Forbes.

Most recently, I became a partner at Hyper.com, a new type of startup accelerator backed by A16Z and Sequoia. We’re also the owners of Product Hunt.

You can read more about me here. And here’s a sampling of the nice things folks have said on Twitter about my work. (I’m known as someone who’s effective at breaking down how complicated things work.)

I’ll leave you with a few things I love: